My Favorite People in the Whole World Pt 1

We all have favorites! Those people that you just can't wait to spend time with!  So this post is dedicated to my "Favorite People in the World"

Meet My Hubby & Daddy
The two most influential and important men in my life!
Lets Start with Daddy, he did  come first!  As you can see in this photo, my father is quite the handyman.  My Dad has spoiled me from day one!  When I was first born the placed me into my father hands and there I stayed for the first hour of my life!  Even as a grown lady I am still a "Daddy's girl".  This Picture really shows a fathers love for his daughter and son in law!  They are building some kinda storage shed thinger! My Dad will do absolutely anything for me and my family!I couldn't be more lucky to have him!

My Hubby:Ah man, this guy is probably the best guy on the planet (but just don't tell Ego ya know?") One thing I love about him is that he's consistent. What you see is what you get.  You can count on him to do what he says.  I have been fortunate to have Him as a hubby, he's been a fabulous leader and excellent influence in my life.  Not that anyone can keep me saved, but God certainly uses him to keep me on my toes! 
She's my first and still my baby! Tiana!
Oh how this little girl has lit up my dullest moments.  Take a couple days ago I caught her picking her nose( she will kill me for this, so just don't mention it to her if you see her!) I said "why are you picking your nose" she exclaimed "mommy I am hungry!".  Ok yes kinda gross, but more hilarious than anything!  I will definitely be telling that story on her wedding day! (oh my gosh heart just sank...WEDDING DAY?? gulp)

This is our little princess!  I say Our because she is literally the Princess of all of us! She runs the roost in the Rodney Home.  Miya is just one of the smartest babies I know.  Nothing gets past that one.  Her smile will never fail to brighten my day. Or her sweet art of negotiation.  I will say "No miya" and she will say "Mummy affer"(after),


  1. What a great list of your favorites! And your babies are precious-thanks for sharing!

    1. Aww thanks for checking out my post! Your so faithful! :D They really are the best favorites anyone could ever ask for! :)

  2. Hey Vic, sweet post. Isn't it awesome to have these special 'favorites' in our life?! I've been blessed to spend a wonderful vacation with most of my 'favorites'... God is so good to enrich our lives in so many various ways :-)


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