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Mommy not feeling well,  Dr. Miya to the rescue
Alright, so this post may not apply to all, but for those it doesn't, store it away in your mental filing cabinet!

Now this is a HUGE deal for me.  So if your kids already do this, just keep that to yourself! LOL  My precious baby is about 22 months old.  From 8 weeks old I began sleep training with her (basically a process that allows children to fall asleep independently)  I can put her down for a nap/bed wide awake, and say "nigh nigh" and off sleep she goes! No muss, no fuss!

By doing this, Miya has been a very independent little girl.  Since I am a stay at home mom though, she is with me all day every day.   I began to notice that she is very attatched to me.  She wants to be at my hip, or close by for the majority of the day.  This can get mentally draining.  Until I started implementing....

Play Time.  Now this isn't like her regular play time where she plays with her toys on the kitchen floor while I cook.  This is where she goes to her room and plays by herself for 1 hour.  (well we are working up to that, she is currently doing 30 minutes).

I just started this last week.  I put her safely in her room. All her toys and her pretend kitchen is in reach.  I gate off her room and go down stairs to do whatever I need. I told her "Miya play by yourself honey". At first she started to whine...but I remembered in sleep training that you can basically train your kid to do anything.  I would calmly talk to her from down stairs saying "mummy is here, play with your toys".  Withing 2 minutes my little one had forgotten all about mama, and was in a little world of her own.   She's in there using her imagination, talking to herself, making "phone calls".  She was having a ball.

When I came back to get her, she was attempting to tell me what she has been doing.  "mommy cook muffin" and "mummy clean up"(she is very tidy).  So the next day at the same time we did it again.  This time she knew what was happening.  She pouted, but within 2 minutes..she was off! Can I reiterate my daughter isn't even 2 yet?  I have just found freedom!  She's happy!  Wow God's good!  I wish I started implementing independent play soon.  Like from 3 months! LOL  I am kidding(slightly).  I think anything past an hour is too long and really you need to periodically check on them.  You mustn't go too far.  But just to know you can have a toddler and experience peace in the middle of the day was just a GIFT from HEAVEN!

If you're not already doing this with your children, you have to try! Some kids will be way more strong willed than My little Miya, but hey the fight is worth the freedom!  Its an amazing gift to give your child too!
She loves to tidy up shoes at the door
No time for pictures, Park Mommy!
This is Ralphy, he was given to me by Dad as a child to watch over me, now I have given him to my daughters, as their little Guard Dog!


  1. Oh my goodness she is a DOLL!!! What a good mama you are, thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw thanks so much, she really is my little doll! :)

  2. Cute pictures and great tip! She is definitely benefiting from a little "solo play" while you are enjoying a quick break! Good for you :)

    1. yes....I love this opportunity to catch a break mid day! :)

  3. Your little girl is so cute. Glad you are enjoying a little "me" time while your daughter has fun with her imagination.

    1. Aww thank you so much Brandi! And I appreciate you visiting my site and leaving a comment! I love to hear from my readers! I definitly look forward to her play time! :)


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