Welcome To Tucson

Our suites kitchen!
Our Decent into AZ
We have arrived! All in one piece and in our right minds!  We are travelling with three members from our church this year!  Two of witch have never been to a conference before!  So this should be a very exciting week for them!  As I sit here in my hotel room kitch(yes it has a full blow stainless steel, dark chocolate cupboard kitchen lol) eating popcorn I remembered something that happened on my flight I wanted to share.

For God so loved the World
So just after I finished my post, it was about time to land.  So I rolled up my window shade and gazed out the window like I usually do when landing!   As a gazed over Gods master piece a thought occurred to me.  So I leaned over to Gary and said "babe, there are a lot of people in this world".  Unbeknownst to him, those words hit the very chore of my heart and the scripture "For God so loved the World he gave his only begotten Son that whoever should believe in Him shall have Eternal Life" came to mine.  But the Word "WORLD" from sitting up thousands of miles in the sky really sunk in to me.  I gazed out at His creation and my eyes began to fill with water, before I knew it streams of tears were running down my cheeks.  I was able to see the World as God did, and it amazed me how huge the world is, how many people, and just how much he loves each and every one of us!  WHile this is know new or deep revelation, sitting way up in the sky at that moment, the weight of His love completely overwhelmed me!. I had to put my sunglasses on because I was so overwhelmed by Gods presence and love I could barely contan myself! (although I did a pretty darn good job)  Who knew God would speak to me on an airplane?

Just that experience alone has made this Trip worth it.  If I get nothing else from this week, i took home something so precious and valuable!  Just thought I would share!

Only in america can you get all that for $2.99, however I ordered a salad! LOL
Anyhow, its about 5pm, so I need to go get ready for our first evening service! Yay!!


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