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I am stumped!  Usually I have a brilliant idea for my blog entries!  Today...not so much! Its hot, my house has turned into an airport...these guys came and set up these gigantic dehumidifiers and fans round my home, so I can barely here myself think!  Tucson has never looked to apealing....

Here are some of my favourite top 10 Tucson Faves....brilliant idea arrived! lol

10)Egee's iced drinks....mmmh excellent in the heat-similar to a slushie

9) UK people, love their accents, love their spirits, love their style

8)The Hotel breakfast, I am not a big morning eater-but I love that I can wake up to a nice meal that I didn't have to cook

7)Choirs performance-they are absolutely amazing, and I love watching their conductor-he is so animated (I wonder who he is?) Guys Alvin Smith is coming for the rally!  Hehe!

6)Seeing Katie Benson-she is a fellow canadian-shes just awesomely sweet!  Love seeing her year after year!

5) Thursday Announcements-I love to hear who is going out overseas!  We hope to do that one day!

4) Olive Garden & chocolate mints-once i asked for literally a whole cup full!

3)Hair Equation Weather:Tucson+no frizz+no sweating= straight hair for me

2)2009 getting sent out!  What a special moment, more memorable than my wedding day!

and yes this beats getting sent out cause God presence always falls and this reminds me of my first Tucson Conference which is where is all started.......

1)Alvin Smith singing "Shout to the Lord"  (Jessie, Karesia, and others who have been at conference for that song know what I am talking about)

Well there you have it, another brilliant blog post idea! Hahaha! Maybe not but I just read Cherlys blog on going easy means being easy, so I am going to take her advice!  2 days left till Conference! Yay!  I hope to keep you daily updated while I am there!  Here is hoping the WIFI connection is good in my hotel! :)

Love y'all 
Happy Friday!


  1. I loved this post, it makes me want to board a plane and go to Conference myself! lol And thanks for the shout out on your blog! I'm glad you're also "going easy" on yourself (wink).


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