Spiritual Suitcase, are you packed?

Well ladies, I am going on vacation...ehem...going to bible conference!  LOL  If you have read one of my previous posts about "You Know your are PW when..." you would know that I consider a bible conference a vacation!  I leave dark and early monday morning! And I am stoked!!  I haven't been to conference in 2 years. So I am way over due!

I have already packed my bags! I had my new Tucson wardrobe sitting and hiding away in my closet for months!  Last night, I got everything all folded up and tucked away into my new suitcase!  I went to walmart and purchased all my little travel size toiletries and accessories(love that part), and am packed down to my carry on!  My US cash is all ready, and I am good to go!

I am usually quite organized and orderly, I am way ahead of schedule.  But a thought came to mind!?  I have spent months  getting read to go physically. Buying clothes, getting a passport ect, but how much effort have I put into getting myself ready to go spiritually? Yes I casually pray here and there about it! But have I been preparing my mind and heart to hear from God.  Sadly, I would have to say other than packing my note book and bible in my carry on, preparing my heart for conference was the last thing on my mind!  I mean thats why I am going right?

My mind journeyed back to my favorite revivals, and my not so favorite revivals.  I began to think about times when God really spoke to me and times it didn't even feel like He even existed.  And through those ponderings came to this revelation "God may show up unexpected but He always shows up when you have been preparing for him to come".  Whenever I fast the presence of God is unbelievably tangible and there without fail, each time.  Why? Because I have prepared for it, I am dedicated to having an encounter with my Savior and I won't eat until I have it.

This thought really began to dig deep into my heart as I began to apply this to my spiritual life as a whole. How often I sit down to pray with no expectation, no preparation to have an encounter.  Thats an after thought, like "meh if it happens it happens, if not there is always another day".  But on the other hand I have had many a prayer where prior to praying I was already thinking "Lord you need to get involved here!" and then I pray and BOOM he gets involved.  I open the bible with an expecation for revelation and BOOM its there. Versus countless other times I just open it, with ho real goal or aim.

So since I am ahead  physically getting ready for conference, and behind on spiritually getting ready for conference, I better go get packed!  I need to get on my hands and knees and pack my spiritual suitcase with the holy spirit, expectation, repentance, a sound mind....and well the list is endless!

Well tata ladies I've got some packing to do!
How about you?


  1. Wow, your blogs continue to encourage and challenge me! I hope you and all who are going this year have the most amazing time!!! It's going to be great to just hear from God! I can't wait until I see the sermons posted! Btw"safe traveling grace" lol

    1. So glad these are helping somebody!Haha!
      And thanks..I.am very excited to go! Break from kiddos!


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