A Special Father

I know, Fathers Day has come and gone! My kids and I were late this year celebrating.  We took a special picture for him of his 3 girls!  As I read over many blog entries on fathers and dedications to them I truly contemplated this post.  

But after we presented him with the gift last night,something dawned on me!
See my husband  is very unique and special in lots of ways but one in particular.
He was raised by his Mom.  He didn't have any real father figure growing up, nor did he ever see a married relationship.  If he did it certainly wasn't a healthy one.  He's a unique father because despite all the odds against him, and his lack of experience like most men have he has thrived in spite of that.  

He has shown real Christ like love to his kids and me.  Not the love he learned from his Parents.  I am so proud of him, as I have watched him grow over the years.  Seen how caring he is towards his girls.  The things he would notice now that he wouldn't before.   Another thing that makes him a unique father is that he's a Step Daddy too!  One would never know as he treats both of his girls equally.  His love for Tiana over the years has brought me to tears as he takes her on Daddy Dates, and buys little gifts for her to let her know she is special.    A lot of people will never know how to love like this, because they aren't in the situation.  But he's been such a trooper even when it hasn't been easy!

So I count my self triply lucky to have him as a  husband and father of my girls! Happy Fathers Day Love! Your awesome! We appreciate you!


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