So far so really good!

So its Tuesday!  And its been great! Last night Pastor Warner preached an awesome awesome sermon.  He preached on courage!  What I found amazing was the Benson Family sang just before he preached about having No Fear-and just before  the performed they said to Pastor Warner hopefully you want to preach after this song!  The song and sermon completely tied in! And so have all the sermons.

Some points from Pastor Warners sermon that stuck out to me is "The Worst thing about getting old is that people no longer think your dangerous(christian).  The sermon was basically about not loosing your edge or fire!

Today there were some awesome sermons, but my favorite was my Pastor!  Pastor Mike tore it up! He was the best so far, not that its a competition or anything! He preached a sermon entitled "Resignations Accepted"    Really, really good!  Get the DVD is all I can say!  One quite was "The answer is always some one different, but a different you!

This afternoon I fellowshipped at the annual " PW's luncheon".  It was lots of fun! They had a beach theme, lots of give aways!  I ended up giving away my give away! LOL it was a beautiful fan, but I am not much into fans, and one of PW's didnt get one, so I gave it to her! She loves fans!  It was awesome to be able to meet more Pastors Wives, and to see how much we all have in common.  There was such a variety, young, old, white, black, mexican(alot! LOL) and such a kind loving group!

Right now I plan to go take a nap, just incase we are out late tonight!  I didn't take many pictures today :(  Or last night, will take tonight for sure!!


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