Routines-Gotta love 'em, but I hate 'em

Schedules, routines, to do lists,busyness, organization...these are all things make up my life-and probably make up your too.  But if truth be told, I don't like routines.  I guess I am a bit of a free spirit-but, trapped in a task masters body!. My body does what it needs to do, but my insides are crying HELP!

Routine has never been something I have been good at. I would always make schedules, only to break them (ha) or make little modifications here and who am I kidding huge modifications.
I love to have everything down on paper.  I write down what I am doing with my finances, how the house is going to get cleaned, what months I will do this or that.  But carrying out my elaborate well detailed plans is different. I can't say I score home runs with every to do list. I may get to the second or third base if I am lucky.

I believe my indifference towards routine stems from my personality.  My tendency to procrastinate.  Some people  reading this are probably thinking " uhh did someone kid nap Vic?" I just had to admit it.  As I said before, I do what I got to, but enjoying it is altogether different.  I began to really examine this. I felt like I was missing something?

What does God think about routine and all this 'structure'? Mary &  Martha came to mind.  Although I pride myself on being the "Black Martha Stewart" outwardly, inwardly I am just a Mary that wants to sit a Jesus feet and chill.  I just want to stop all the "busyness'  and the "to dos' and pay attention to my Creator.

I have often heard it said "busy people are busy cause they fear what they will hear in the silence"  When we rely so heavily on our routines and schedules it gives us very little time for the Lord to just send a fresh breath of life to us.  We complain we don't hear the voice of God but truthfully we are too busy to hear it.  Or only are prepared to listen during our 'scheduled time of prayer'.  Perhaps that free spirit, God placed in me cause He knew if Martha had it her way, He would have to schedule Himself in.


  1. Disclaimer: Schedules & Routines are a healthy Part of ones life! :)


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