Rodney Home Tour On Hold

When it rains it Pours

Bad news! Yesterday my 1st and 2nd floor bathrooms flooded.  The water travelled all along the underneath of my  hard wood and completely ruined my first floor! Needless to say my house is in no condition for continued "tour".  But this little experience has taught me a valuable lesson.

Stuff is just stuff!So often in this material generation we are addicted to having stuff, getting more stuff and have trouble giving up stuff.  Our lives are defined by how much "stuff" we have.  We constantly want to keep up with the Jones's (who the heck are they anyhow?) and are seldom satisfied with the "stuff'" we already have.

We live in a fairly new home. When we moved in we upgraded pretty mucheverything, from new floors to new paint job.  So all my "stuff" is new.  Usually when things are new, if they get ruined your not necessarily yelling 'Hallelujah'!  One of my prayers when moving into my home was that I would not be caught up in the whole home owners comfortable living spirit.  I prayed that my home would be a home, but what would make it a home are those who live in it and the memories we share.  That the four walls would be just that, four walls.  That my stuff would just be stuff and not mini idols.

Well its one thing to pray something, living it out is altogether different.  So yesterday when disaster hit in the Rodney Home, my prayers were put into action.  My faith was tested.  Would  I panic, freak out and get all bummed out cause my freshly painted bathrooms were ruined?  Would I feel defeated and hopeless as my brand new hard wood floors buckled up from underneath my foot?  Would the holes in my ceiling with dripping water completely ruin my evening!  Well ladies I am proudd to say no!

At first I laughed.  What else could I do?  I couldn't change any thing!  The situation sucks, for sure and I am not looking forward to my house turning into a construction zone-AGAIN!   But I realized no matter how much you pay for something, how new it is or isn't, its just stuff! It can be ruined in an instant, and its value is lost forever.
I couldn't help but think of people who don't follow the call of God because of comfort.  Reluctancy to help others cause they might  mess up your stuff.  In the end its all going to be destroyed anyway. So do not lay up for yourselfs treasures on earth where moth, rust (FLOODS) destroy....but lay up for yourselves treasures in Heaven (a flood free zone) Math 6:19-21

So next time, your phone breaks, car gets messed up, house floods, new shirt gets ruined, just think to yourself, where am I laying up my treasures?  God is faithful to heal, replace and restore.  Therefor lamenting over earthly possesions really isn't worth it!  Do not worry about your life, what you will eat or not worry about tomorrow, for each day has enough trouble of its own! Matt 6:34  Can I get an AMEN!!


  1. Amen Girl!
    So sorry to hear that your house got flooded.
    we had an issue like that last year, it was caused by the laundry machine...
    At the end of the day its just stuff to keep us comfortable...but not complete.

    1. oooh i like that stuff is made to keep us comfortable not that all you?


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