Ready... set... fly....

Good day!  So I am on the plane right now. We took a direct flight so no stop overs.  I had a pretty good nap so I am feeling great at the moment!

So last night was amazes me how no matter how much one prepares...last minute things always pop up and screw up your well organized life!  Haha!  I just had to roll with the punches!  I didn't get in bed until 2 last night and I wasn't asleep until maybe 330.  My precious miya woke up at 5.  Its like she knew I was leaving

I nurserd her and put her back to sleep.  I proceeded to say goodbye to tiana.  She was knocked out.  That kid sleeps like a ( can't think of a metephor) but let's say nothing wakes her up.

I did however make some videos of myself for her to watch from her tablet later.  Just saying bye to her and miya officially. Me singing some songs and just silly messages to make them laugh though out the week. 

I am surprised I didn't cry when leaving. Probably too tired!  Well I have about 1 hour left on this flight!  I think I will go read my bible now!

Hope you guys are all well and enjoying your day!  Will keep you posted!


  1. Ignore my head tie, didn't wanna mess up my hair while I slept! Haha! I completely forgot it was on!

  2. When u said this was your Tucson hair, u weren't kidding lol I thought u would have worn it out for the trip there. You made videos for them, AWWEE!! I'm sure they'll love and appreciate it, you're such a great mom, I'm taking mental notes for when my time comes lol


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