Quest for Virtue

Ugggh, I am having writers blog, I know what I want to say but can't get it out.  So please excuse the point blankness of this entry.

I want to be virtuous.  There I got it out!  For as long as I can remember I have been on a quest to be the Proverbs 31 Lady.  I admire her so much, and many who I deam her very close seconds.  She does it all and does it with style.  Thats who I want to be!  So I have read may books, on parenting, marraige, Ms P31 herself all in hopes that if I read enough, and implement enough of what I have learned 'VOILA' I will be her!

Well so far it hasn't been as easy as reading a couple books.  She has something I was missing.  Ms P31 has no scriputres that relate to her studing how to be Ms P31-she was just P31.  I don't think her beautiful depiction in the bible was a guideline of what makes a virtuous women.  It was Gods outline of what made her virtuous specifically.

What she had, was a very good relationship with her Saviour. Consequently when you do Virtousness is a natural default.  Virtue actually means strength (like a soldiers golly eh?)  How often you ask a women what it means to be virtuous and they will respong with a laundry lists of:she wakes up early, she wears purple, she's meek and sweet.  And we are completely missing it!

God doesn't want you to be exactly like P31 and while aiming for those qualities is a wonderful thing, you may fall very very short! So how then does one become virtuous?  The question can be rephrased how does one become strong?  Perhaps not strong physically although thats importants but a strong christian?

Well we all know that answer?  How do you become a strong Christian?  You read your bible pray everday and you will grow grow grow? (anyone sing that song in sunday school?)  But its quite simple, getting a hold of Jesus for dear life will make you strong.  And an interesting paradox happens when we are close to our saviour.  We become  P31 women naturally.  We naturally wake up early beause we want to spend time with Jesus.  We naturally are organized and affective.  We naturally care about others around us and laugh at the days to come.  Its not a put on or a show, its just the outflow of a relationship with Jesus Christ!  


  1. Victoria! I love this--your wisdom that when we cling to Jesus, our heart, character, desires etc all naturally change to reflect Him. So awesome!

    Carly @

    1. Aw thanks for visiting my page! Glad you enjoyed!


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