Interview with A PW

Questions I am often asked, but seldom have a well thought out answer for!  Here it goes!

Blogger-How long have you been a PW?
Lady Vee-3 years  July 13th, whoa!
Blogger-Did you feel called to be a PW?
Lady Vee-Ha.... No I didn't feel called, but I have to say I was chosen! Nice spiritual answer huh?
Blogger-When your hubby told you he felt called to be a Pasor what did you think?
Lady Vee-I was just a new convert, I had no clue.  I thought great for you, sure I would do something like that, but you don't really think its going to happen.
Blogger-What was your reaction to getting sent out?
Lady Vee-there was a moment when a dear friend came up to me and told  me we were getting sponsered again for conference-we kind of had a moment.  We just knew it was going to happen, I think we may have cried in each others arms (me and the friend lol-not the hubby haha)
Blogger-So what was your first service like?
Lady Vee-yeek.....well lets  you have two people who can hardly sing, in a room with 10 other people who don't know the songs trying to worship God for song service.  I couldn't be happier when song service was over, the rest was great.  We were just glad people were there!
Blogger-Did you ever have a service where no one showed up?
Lady Vee-Ofcorse, God knew we needed that trusty pioneer story for the memory banks!  P Gary quickly preached(read his notes) to us (my daughter and I)and we went to dessert.  It was so funny!
Blogger-What has been one of the harder lessons of being a PW
Lady Vee-hands down sharing my hubby. At first it was nothing because we had no real converts-so he had a lot of free time.  But within 6 months we started to get disciples and once that started his role as Pastor really kicked in.
Blogger: How did you respond to his new found Pastoral duties?
Lady Vee-uhh maybe you should ask him?  I didnt really like it at first, I didn't get it, I didn't understand fully.
Blogger: And now?
Lady Vee-Our communication has much improved so when I need him I just let him know, instead of becoming upset.  He shows how much he values me and loves me, so it makes it easier to release him
Blogger-What do you think people overlook as far as being a PW?
Lady Vee-The spiritual dynamics and assults that come against PW's.  I had no idea.  There are moments that  things happen and the assault on my life feels so great I just rebuke the devil cause I know its an attack of hell not just happenstance.
Blogger-What do you think of your church?
Lady Vee- I think its a very healthy church.  We have awesome members, really do.   They are very dedicated, it can be very convicting.  I look forward to seeing it grow more! Claiming doubling of services of the summer!  Tucson Conference rubbed off! Pray for us!
Blogger-Have you ever wanted to throw in the towel?
Lady Vee-uhh duh!!??I throw in the towel it keeps getting thrown back at me!  No on a serious note, I have never genuinely wanted to throw in the towel! I love what we do.  I have had moments of frustration where I suggest throwing in the towel, but if push came to shove I would never do it. I have learned we don't usually want to quit, we just want to win, but we feel like we are loosing, but in reality we are winning!
Blogger-Whats it like being a PW?
Lady Vee-this would be different for everyone.  For me its cool.  I am just me at church.  I am totally myself ( not sure if that always a good thing). No one in my church really treats me special or unique-they are very respectful and kind but there is a mutual closeness, I think, I hope! LOL
Blogger-Would you do it again? 
Lady Vee-sure,its an honor really.  Especially given my back ground.  If I wasn't doing this I dunno!  The will of God is a safe place for me.
Blogger-Any last thoughts?Anything you would want people to know about being a PW?
Lady Vee-We are people like anyone else.  We need prayer, we need grace, we need friends! LOL We love you!


  1. Haven't been able to comment much but I'm on my way home and this was a really great blog. Just brought back memories or you trying to hide that your getting sent out, when I well knew! Lol (not bitter) no but seriously, time flys and it's encouraging to see how far God has brought the two of you. :)

  2. Well said, Lady Vee! Its definitely an honor to be a PW, but we do covet your prayers:)


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