Christmas in June... cold in summer!

I am sick! I have a stinking cold!  As you can tell I am not impressed.... its summer time. Although I don't like getting sick there is something about cuddling up in a blanket while the snow falls outside drinking home made chicken soup.

There is nothing appealing about cuddling up in a sheet ( too hot for blanket) and drinking cold lemon water while the sun beams down on the earth and everyone and their dog is outside.

Can anyone say bitter party of one!  So here I am. Nose running like a faucet.... did I mention the kids are sick too!  It snuck up on me last night and come morning was in full affect!

So I started thinking about winter and all the things I love about it!  Maybe that would ease by cold blues.  Sorry if this depresses you! Winter is coming!

Winter favorites:
1) Freshly fallen snow
2) Hot apple cider
3) Baking baking and more baking
4) Christmas trees, lights you name it!
5) The sweet aroma of my home a mixture of cinnamon and marshmallow fireside. ( hopefully they bring that scent back to bath and body works this fall)
6) Soups of all kinds
7) Winter fashion: boots and scarves/ trench coats
8) Jazzy Christian music! :)

Well folks I feel a little better! :) Hehe!  What are some of your winter favorites?


  1. I'm so anti winter it's crazy! Lololol Sorry to all those who love it! The only good thing about winter is Christmas!


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