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 I read lots of blogs, not just the ones posted on my sight.  There are things I love and things I am not a fan of!  So I thought I would write an entry on my blog peeves and thumbs up!


Peeve #1-It's just way too long.  This is what I do, I look at the page, if I have to scroll down more than a couple clicks, I don't want to read any futher.  I just don't have time, espcially cause I read alot of blogs! Solution:keep it short-a couple paragraphs-no schrolling please

Peeve # 2-No picture.  Oh my gosh, call me shallow but I need to see a photo.  It doesn't have to be a personal pic, just something that ties into the post to give me visual.  I have been guilty of posting without a pic and I hate it! I think even I wouldn't read this post right now! Solution: google images-search title of blog-a pic will surely pop up!

Peeve #3-It's just not genuine.  No ones life it a bed of roses.  I like personal blogs the most and I want to hear the good, the bad  &  the ugly.  I love all things sweet, but too much will just make me sick. I don't know if you have ever read a "Morom Wife's Blog"  (barf)  My thoughts: "honey there is no way your life is just perfect all the time, and your hubby can do no wrong and you bake a fresh loaf of bread daily!"  This is not the 50's .  Solution: dish a little dirt! :)

Peeve #5-Topic is lost.  Whatever your blog is about please stick to it.  I read your blog because I like that topic.  If you venture off, so do I. Solution: If your blog has a topic in my opinion stick to it, your readers are counting on it.  If it can have a wide range of topics then you really have to work hard!

Peeve #6-The reading, but not commenting-this one is out of the hands of the writer, but as a writer I love to hear peoples comments and opinions.  I don't want to be commenting on my own posts! Haha!Been there done that!

THUMBS UP's-you're probably scrolling at this point! "Violation of  Peeve #1-quick call the blog police"

Thumbs up #1-Dare to be different-I really enjoy when people put themselves out there and post something that maybe isn't typical of them, or in general.

Thumbs up #2-Funny Stories-I just love them, they make my day at times-just make sure its really funny!

Thumbs up #3-Consistency, choose to blog daily, weekly, monthly but stick to it.  I hate waiting on a post-there are certain blogs I read and  there is always something fresh.  I like that!

Alright enough scrolling!  That's my Blog Peeves &Thumbs up!  What are some of your blog peeves? Any thumbs ups?


  1. From one blogger to another, I can sure relate to the need for comments! What a great motivation they are to continue writing. I'm guilty in the Consistency department! I can't write about something I'm not really inspired by or interested in, so sometimes it takes me a while to figure one out!
    Great job on your posts though- they are fun and insightful. Keep it up!

    1. I completely hear you on motivation! Some days when I am bursting with ideas i write two or three posts at once and save them on my drafts. I save them for a rainy day or a writers block day! LOL If truth be told My Blog Peeve post was one of those! LOL I probably wrote it 2 weeks ago! LOL I really enjoy your blog though, I think you do well with posting quotes too! :)

  2. i am 100% guilty of not commenting!! i just feel like i have nothing interesting to say lol i have read all of your blogs, Cheryls, Devins and Karyns but i hardly comment (i dont even think ive ever commented on Cheryls!!) but i reallly enjoy them!! i check these every day!! so dont feel discouraged :)


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