Back to life....and loving it

I know! I know!  I completely stopped posting last week!  Conference hype and exhaustion got the best of me!  The week turned out to be amazing!  Spiritually packing truly paid off as each and every sermon spoke to me!  Here are my Tucson highlights 2012

1) Reunions...I was so glad to see katie, Jessica, Georgia, Jess and Davida.  To name a few...each year its encouraging to see them serve God year after year
2) Pastor Richard Rubis sermon on circulation.  It cut my heart deep. As he talked about how we live life in the shallow end and we need to get in neck deep.  This sermon really reminded me not to get comfy where I am at.  And trust the lord to take me into the unknown
3) Pastor Smith, it amazes me how he always remembers my name...he always has the victory.
4) The new wardrobe: sorry I am not being ' spiritual' but I waited months to wear these clothes lol. It was fun, felt like a celebrity!  Not to mention I get lots of ' oh this is pastor Gary wife's. My hubby is well known in Tucson.  Although one person said oh your Victoria's husband right?  Haha!
5)Thursday night conference so convicting to here the dedication of the saints in Namibia. And one girl after being beaten so awfully made the comment it was nothing really!  I pray for her spirit

6) shout to the lord:  makes my conference every year...they saved it for the last night

7) I went swimming with katie Benson and Sara king!  That was really fun, I enjoyed hearing about Sara's life in Gabon, she is a trooper...and katie is just a doll!  She was so encouraging!

8)I met some new friend from UK.  One thing about the Uk girls is that you feel as If you have known them forever. It was sad to say goodbye!  We hung out quite a few times!

9) international send outs...I was itching to go to a foreign country.  We dream to be  missionaries one day!  As they made announcements my heart just raced at the idea of that one day being us!

10). Most embarrassing moment of my life:  OK so here it is!  Basically we went to the olive garden. Any my hubby whispers something in my ear... I barely heard what he said so I just let it pass.  As I began to tell the people at my table what I did that day I noticed there faces change.  I was basically telling them how I went to this hotel where all the conference speakers stay and I was dressed in my swim gear.  Nothing inappropriate but awkward because I walked in and Pastor so and so was there....everyone face changed because he was sitting directly behind me.  I was so embarrassed I didn't want to finish my story, I couldn't eat I felt so awkward.  Now I wasn't saying anything bad about him, just how awkward it was to be at that hotel with a bunch of the best known preachers in the fellowship. It actually made my eyes fill with water because I couldn't even get up and leave....our food hadn't even arrived yet!  I was sad cause I didn't even enjoy my last olive garden meal!  Atleast I ate it earlier that week.  I was so glad when it was time to leave.  My table was really milking the situation and laughed about it in the car.  The situation still makes me sick to my stomach. The embarrassment was too great! Lol

Anyhow. I have lots of pictures I will upload tomorrow.
Hope you had a good week!

Also the Ghost writes entries will be posted throughout the week so stay tuned!


  1. Glad to hear you had such a blessed time Vic!!!


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