You know your a Pastors Wife when....

Here We Go

You know your a PW when.... you can honestly say you have not missed a single church service, except but to give birth to your child, and even then you were asking to get released early, can't miss evening service!

You know your a PW when.... you open your closet and there isn't a pair of dress pants in sight, you don't even remember what its like to wear pants on a church day!

You know your a PW when.... the church announces there will be a potluck and everyone has a request of their favorite dish for you to cook!  As if you can really make 50 different things!

You know your a PW when.... your husbands the Pastor (haha just throwing that in there)

You know your a PW when.... the term "books" no longer refers to books you read, but a dreaded process of accounting the months records of the church finances.

You know your a PW when.... you can never comfortably say your husband name ie," Oh just ask Gary, I mean Pastor Gary".  Or " the other day Gary, I mean my husband, I mean Pastor was telling me"

You know your a PW when.... you can go from tears to a smile in matter of seconds!

You know your the PW when.... a sermon is being preached and you have nodded and said amen atleast 20 times! Thinking Do these people get it?

You know your a PW when.... you visit your mother church and you race to the alter during alter call!  Haven't experienced on of those in forever!

You know your the PW when.... you are introduced as the PW and not by your actual name!  Haha "this is my Pastors Wife" or "I am at my Pastors Wifes house!" I have a name you know?!! lol

You know your a PW can play piano, sing and plan your little lambs lesson all while keeping your children in check from the piano with "the look" all at one time.

You know your a PW when... you consider conference a vacation and getaway with your hubby!

As you can see I have gleaned from guys have any PW jokes?


  1. You know you are a pastor's wife when you have a friend named abi loooooool

  2. This list was funny however I wanted to say that I hope you don't let this role define who you are. You are Victoria. You are a beautiful woman. A wonderful mother, and an excellent wife. Not because of your "job title" but because that's who you are.

    Your a Christian Woman. I just wanted to say that because as much as you are the wife of a pastor, your also a wonderful friend & person and I don't want you to lose yourself in your job.

    1. Yeh this was supposed to be a spin off of the " you know your a potters house christian when?" DId you ever hear that list-one of my favorites was you know your a potters house christian when you go to best buy and sit and watch the commercials?" LOL

      But definitely not defined by my role-but I thought I would poke some fun at it! But for sure, I am just me! :)

  3. LOL How did I totally miss this post??? That is SOOOO funny! I guess you're OFFICIALLY adopted into the Pastor's Wife crew now with all your funny stories!

    1. lol, i think alot of people missed this post, idouble posted that day! :( Aaah well


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