Who will win?

Blog Comment Contest

Three Days left till the contest closes!
Its still not to late to try your chance at winning!
For every comment you leave your name will be entered in a draw to win a $25 gift card to one if the preselected stores.  See blog coment contest blog for more details

For fun though who do you think will win?  Dont post yourself unless you genuinley think it will be you! 
I Plan on making a video to announce the draw and announcing next months contest!

Thank you to all those who have been following and commenting!  It means a lot!  I really want this blog to be a place where ladies can connect with one another and share their life too!  Without your comments I wouldnt care to blog!

Love you guys!  I would put who i think will win,but if they do i dont want to seem un fair!


  1. Firstly, I know how it feels when you have a blog and no one posts (so discouraging) but when people get involved and interested it feels so good! Especially when people look forward to reading it! So I definitely would be playing the hypocrite card if I sat back and didn't participate in commenting!

    Anyway, I'm definitely going with Giselle for the win lol I wish it was me, but I never win anything! LOL

    1. Yes, you need to update your blog missy-even a wedding preparation story would suffice@! LOL I miss reading it! :(

    2. Well....Again I have tried leaving comments and I seriously don't know what i keep touching on my keyboard that deletes the entire entry.

      Anyways lets try again: lol
      I think that blogs are a great way to learn about ppl's day to day and get involved in their lives and personal walks & stories. Sometimes ppl have blogs and leaving a comment almost seems inappropriate because its not really open to others perspectives, but that's what I have enjoyed about your blog. You have made it interactive, you have posted questions, food for thought...and most of all given the reader something to take with us...scripture and a desire for God.
      Its edifying and personal and I like that.

      As for the contest: Anyone can win because its a draw, however I think Essence and I have probably commented on all your entries, so statistically speaking we have a higher likelihood. Essence reminded me of ppl who write in to Ellen and say...I never win... :( lol so I'm going to continnue to keep positive vibes and say I hope I win :) I could always use a gift card lol

    3. YES!!! Essence a wedding blog would be sooo cool!! I think you should start one :)

  2. I could feel it deep within me that I'm going to win lol


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