Who Do you Run to?

In His presence there is fullness of Joy...recently  a group of sisters in my church started a biweekly book club!  A sister graciously blessed us with book Set Apart Femininity and we get together every other monday and discuss it!
"worldly" christianity verses "set apart" christianity.  Topics like media, entertainment, dress and relationships are all covered.  I highly recommend it for any women that wants to take her christianity to the next level and desires "more".

While I was reading over my weekly chapter I was struck by this one section.  The author begins to confess her & her husbands obsession (if you will) with worldly entertainment!  They would go to movies, or rent blockbusters, and while they were "clean" by the worlds standards, they did not represent the message of Christ.  She shares a humorous story of how they went for date night to see a movie.  As the previews began Leslie(the author) was convicted of the images that she was watching.  Although her movie was considered "safe" the previews were filled with vivid images, darkness of horror flicks and sexual innuendoes left right and center.  She squirmed in a seat as she felt like she should not be watching this.. but then she would rationalize with herself that she doesn't want to be legalistic, or over the top.  (how often have we tried to rationalize things when God is clearly convicting us) The part that struck me was that she felt " I just need a break, I need my mind to just relax"

I thought to myself how many times I used to watch movies as a way to just escape reality.  Now after 4 years of setting high standards when it comes to entertainment I can find myself wanting the "veg out time"  but instead of watching a movie I might garden(lol) or take a bath.  While thats a better alternative, she made a point in the book.  In his presence there is fullness of joy... Why is it that when we need a break we run to worldly pleasures and escapes?  We say we need peace so we take bath.  Why not go talk to the Prince of Peace?

Thirty minutes in prayer can do more for us physically, spiratually and emotionally than any hour doing our favourite hobby can.We wonder why after we take a nice relaxing bath or watch our favorite show we still feel irriated with our friends, co workers, boss or children?  Although Leslie took it from the angle of media and its affects, I want to take it a step further! What do you run to when you need an escape?  Movies,books, friends?  I am not here to advocate what or what not you should be running too, but one thing I do know is before we run to anything else, why not run to Jesus first!

Book Info
Set Apart Femininity
Author Leslie Ludy
Sold @ Speelmans, Chapters Indigo, Amazon
Price $12-15

Check out her website for her online Magazine


  1. I'm definetly going to purchase it! I been meaning to for awhile now but now I'm sure it's going to be a great read!!

  2. This is so true! The whole point of not going to the movies or watching one is because we want to get closer to God but we tend to forget that getting closer to God means spending time with him(Reading and praying).

    Although i do not go to the movies. I easily replace my Saturdays with fellowships and church activities and leave the least of my time (when I'm worn out) to God. This is
    horrible because I'm too busy sleeping while praying to feel the prescence of God! How often do we say God I'm desperate for you yet we don't act like people that are really hungry for him.

    Thanks for posting this, I'm going to definitely think twice before planning my day

    1. Nice comment-thanks for your imput! Very true!

  3. Ah! I've been wanting to read this book for years! But never been able to get around to it! And with 2 marriage books on deck to the one I'm already reading, I might start reading Set Apart in the Fall! BUT I still want it for my library collection =) Very very very true, and timely! When things get crazy (as they are now) I tend to gravitate toward a game of "Draw Something" lol or a You Tube video but God's word is so refreshing, why pass ot up???

  4. Best book ever I read it ever 3 months LOL!

    1. No wonder your such a set apart young women of christ! :) haha! I mean that but gotta throw in the lol and haha so its not soo mushy! yuck!lol

  5. So I've tried leaving a comment like 4 times....and it just keeps erasing for some strange reason.
    So I will just leave a quick one:
    Its very true. The book is wonderful and it will challenge you.
    For me entertainment is definetly one of my go to's. I would say that living without a tv was much better for my christian walk. However I still watched shows, just used my internet so since it took more work and I was limited to what and how much I could see, I tended to find reading my bible easier then surfing the net for a show. Also I find reading my bible with friends makes it easier when most of my day is quite lonely or busy, its nice to read & reflect with others. Anyways, glad your reading the book. It was a timely book for me, and I will probably re-read it soon.
    Great entry..:)

    1. Just to give credit where credit is due, Giselle lent my this book when i was first married! I loved it! 80% of the book I have read were recomended by her! LOL

  6. I'm thrilled to read all the comments on this book. I've wanted to pick it up for awhile, so now I just got the final push to do it...great post Victoria!!

    1. Yay! its an awesome book! I even encourage reading it with a young convert, it addressed things that could be awkward to talk about otherwise! :)

  7. Yeah I'm almost done the book:)
    It was good!!
    What stuck out to me the most is when she spoke about prayer and it's importance in our lives. She was talking about how we say we're too busy, we're too tired, we're too _________ (insert excuse) and how we kind of put prayer on the back burner. This is my "note to self revelation" lol.

    It is impossible to balance the busyness that comes with selfless Christianity on your own strength. Only through unceasing, fervent prayer will Christ gird you with the water to quench fiery darts, strength to overcome every battle and the energy to vibrantly conquer a tiring, hectic day"


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