Victoria Day Weekend 5 years ago!

The Friday

Today was slow yet hectic at the same time, but I got everything done, hair, waxing, eyebrows, feet and nails!  The rehearsal was in one word EMOTIONAL! I couldn't believe I cried, cried and cried some more!  Basically the music starts and I have my flowers in one hand and my other arm linked with my dad.  The second Jenn motioned for us to go, my eyes filled with water!  We turned the corner and it was a river of tears that came streaming down my face.  It was soo bad I had to just stick my head in my daddys shoulder the whole way down the isle! I couldn't even look up!  My dad kept saying "its ok vic get it out now so you don't have to embarass yourself tomorrow!"Haha! Leave it to my dad to be cracking jokes at a time like this! When I finally looked up at Pastor Mike he had this look like he has seen this before!  He asked if I would be okay to proceed and I quickly wiped away my tears.  I just can't believe I am getting married! I mean me? I am way to imature for this!  The rest of the night was cool, casual and simple!  I had hoped to do some speeches since we are not having a real reception sunday, but that didn't work out!  Gary was sweet though told me not to worry about it!

D Day-decorating day

What a day!  This morning started very early!  I woke up and thought "I am getting married tommorrow!" It has finally come!  My stomach was in knots,  I almost felt sick!  The much antisipaited moment is here!  Fortunatly I had no time to really think about my whirlwind of emotions I had to pretty myself up for my big day!  After my second set of  apts I went to prayer. When I saw Gary there, I didn't even want to talk to him! It felt really really really odd that tomorrow he was going to be my husband, but today he's just Gary!  So I just flashed him a smile and hurried off to decorate the church with my bridesmaids!  I had no idea it would take so long! Angie said most brides aren't there to decorate and aren't as involved as I was for that part!  Note to self for wedding number don't be so involved! And by wedding number two I mean my renewals ofcorse!  After we finished decorating my tired brides maids and I went to north york to "prep" their hair at the hairdressers!  That took forever!  We got there around 4:30-and we didn't get out of there till 11!  It wasn't much fun for me because my hair didnt need doing!  Then, just when I thought I was on my way home-Marcia says she forgot to get something for her dress and we'd have to stop at walmart! Then Angies jaw dropps and says "me too"!  I was not impressed! Titi was so tired!  I wanted to sleep!  So we go to walmart, I decided to wait in the car-BIG MISTAKE!!  They took forever!  We finally got home after 1 in the morning!  At this point I resolved I would not be sleeping tonight!  I put Tiana to bed! Fixed my flowers.  Was having tea with the girls when MArcia gets a phone call she needs to go to emergency cause of a family friend!  I was like "you have got to be kidding me?" So she left, and we all went to sleep.  Well not me as you can see!  Its 4am she's here, thank God!  Off to sleep I go! Big day tommorrow!

Morning of my Wedding

Good Morning!  Today I am going to get married! Aaaaaaahh! The plan this morning is to steam my dress and go play piano and have song service with the girls!  This morning we won't be having song service cause we will be in the back!
So my hair and makeup it done-the hairdresser came and hour late!  Wow, I can't believe how many things can go wrong, after you spend 7 months preparing for everything to go right!
Ahh what the heck, I am getting married that for sure and tomorrow I will be on my way to cuba!  So from this point I don't care what goes wrong! I am going to marry my handsome Prince to day! The moment I waited for my whole life is coming true!

The Day After

It over.  I am done! No more! Yes!  So basically the wedding day was nice!  There were some hiccups that I would rather not journal about! But I guess that normal, murphys law! But I didn't cry walking down the isle, I waved instead! My dad continued to crack me up sayiing "If you do this again you'll have to hire another father" LOL
The day is pretty much a blur. It slowed down after the reception on our way to the famiy reception dinner!  As I was eating I thought so this is it!  Waking up today married feels like any other day.  Besides the new body next to you!  I woke up extra early to go brush my teeth and get back in bed!  Its a bit early for morning breath!  I thought we leave for Cuba today!  But thats tomorrow!  So we went to the brick to look at furniture!  As we walked hand in hand that was new! Just being so "couply" in public was strange! I felt like the whole world knew we were just under 24hrs married!  We will see what Cuba brings! :)

Those were some exerts from My Wedding Journal 5 years ago!


  1. Victoria this was sooo cute! I love that you let us into ur journal!
    and the part when you woke up early to brush your teeth to get back in bed LOL that was so funny!

    1. I am glad you liked it. I found it amusing. There were some parts I left out for length and embarrassments sake though. Lol


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