The Sabbath

How would you like to wake up to that every morning? 

Saturday.  The Sabbath! LOL  Today I can honestly say, it was a day of rest!
It funny, as new testament believers we don't really observe the Sabbath, but after today I certainly wouldn't mind!
I woke up to this beautiful little girl beaming at me! We went out and watered my new bed of flowers!
I was very excited as I started planting last night.  I planted Celosia & Lobelia.  Probably means nothing to those who don't garden.  It certainly meant nothing to me up until yesterday! For years I was under the impression that gardening was boring, tedious and gross!  When people would chat about how they love to garden to pass time, I would think to myself.....BORING!!!  Until I moved.  When we bought this home last August I knew immediately something had to be done about the garden!  As much as I would "diss" gardening, I certainly appreciated a nice view.   |I started my venture a month ago with burnt orange woodchips. Since the front yard it very very tiny, grass would be a bit pointless, but dirt wasn't going to do!
My Gardens color scheme is cobalt blue and ice cream strawberry!  They say for first gardens to start small.  LOL I really have no other choice! We plan on purchasing a little cast iron bench  to put in the garden!
Other than Gardening the day was quite uneventful! For once!  But the PW in me couldn't take it any longer and began to prepare the mothers day gifts for the ladies in church tomorrow!  We also bbq'd pork chops! Yummy! With summer on the brink, BBQ will be at least  4 times a week!  Its fun, quick & mess free!

What a contrast to last Saturday! I think I am going to make it a rule I observe the sabbath at least once a month! Haha! Although gardening & crafting would probably be considered work in Isreal!
To all my fellow readers, make sure you really do get a day of rest in there!  It feels so good when you do!


  1. Aww, miya is sooo cuttteeeee!!!!!!!! Although I played soccer today, keeping the Sabbath is such a good idea. I need it! Lol

  2. Wow! She's growing up fast!!!! :) n e how, the gifts are beautiful. May e take a picture of them receiving it:) nice little garden. It's cute. I was at Karen's house watching them and
    It was pretty fun! (love ya karyn).

  3. Awe miya :)
    you did a really good job with the garden

  4. So I really liked this post.
    A- totally funny that you actually used specific names for orange & blue. I had a good laugh! However your garden looks lovely.

    The Sabboth- Shabot! Saturdays should be a day of rest. A day spent kicking back and taking part in an activity that brings us mental, emotional and physical satisfaction.

    Anyways I like the gifts you put together for the moms. Purple Butterfly is my favourite theme. I used that for Vivian's room.

    1. LOL I KNOW RIGHT TO THE NAMES! LOL I am trying here! Haha! I blame cobalt on she told me about the lobelias! I really like them! And orange woodchips-don't do them justice-rustic or burnt does the trick! Haha!

      Aww purple butterfly theme sounds really nice, Tians room is supposed to be like that too but I didnt really find much Purple Butterfly items! Where did you find your accessories?

  5. Awwh, what a sweet little garden V :-)
    Welcome to the wonderful world of gardening!! Once you get started, you never want to stop!!!

  6. Ice cream whats-it-called and blah blah orange!! You WIN! I had to read that twice to know wnat you were talking about! Lol and for some reason, I've always wanted to garden! Weird, i dunno where I got that urge from :P


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