The Rodney Home Tour Part 2:My Little Haven...the balcony

Good Morning All!  My apologies for not posting this weekend!  I had my hands full!  We had the "Judgement Play" at our church! ANd guess what.....I got to be an Angel!   I was absolutely ecstatic, and hats off to those who are angels time after time.  Its not so easy to stand still, with bright lights flashing on you for over and hour. But I really enjoyed being the Book of life angel that would tell Jesus if their name was written in the book or not!  One day when I stand before that Angel i will say "hey I played you in a play once you know?" It was a really wonderful night!  We had 7 visitors and 1 backslider that came to the play attend church the next morning! I also went to an awesome "New Yorker Shower"  Had a blast, sad I didnt win anything though! So posting really wasn't practical! But I chose my balcony to be the next place in my home I take you on tour of!  Why?  Because on Mondays this is my favorite place to just lay back and smell the Hydrangeas! Haha!  Literally!  This little spot is where we bbq, fellowship and chat.  I spend many a phone conversation on that love-seat.

This is my first "potted plant" I have ever planted.  It has 4 Hydrangeas- two are a hot red, and 2 are a pretty coral.  I also planted cobalt blue lobelia, a spike plant, vines and some white little babies breath typa flowers! Clearly I am still an amautre when it comes to names of plants! But I have come a long way!

I planted & mounted two herb box gardens!  I absolutely love fresh herbs!  It makes all the difference in your food! And I have always dreamed of having a real vegetable garden!  Although that really isnt feasible for us, so these little boxes do the trick.

I have  hot peppers, golden oregano, basil, apple mint, orange mint(how do they make it flavoured?), lavender and thyme!
This morning I made my first cup of fresh mint tea!  Absolutely wonderful!

My love seat came with a very cumfy ottoman  is usually used to put my feet up while I read a book! I am currently reading "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken" by Steven K Scott.  It has every word Jesus ever spoke in there.  It wonderful to just sit and read, it feels as if Jesus himself is speaking to me!  Well I guess he really is, since he said it!
I am very excited to have a Little Outdoor Haven where  I can relax.  Especially in the summe you don't want to be cooped up inside all the time! But its private enough that i can go out in my jammies and feel like its just me alone!  I plan on making that a place to pray over the summer aswell!

Do you have an outdoor Haven that you go to for R &R?


  1. i lovee going on my patio! and when its summer and im home its hard to catch me inside because i use every opportunity to be outside, even eat my lunch. Up until last year we had a trampoline in my backyard and i use to always just sit on it and read or talk on the phone!
    i love summer :)

  2. This was a sweet entry. I was reading it as I sit at my kitchen table with coffee in hand and rest while the children are sleeping. I thought A) I really like the sounds of that book
    B) I can''t believe you know the names of your So proud of you!
    C) Yes fresh herbs are amazing! we have them here too and I just love them in any food we make..
    D) I think my haven place is probably not as cozy as Mine would be outside in the summer for sure, but I would have my feet dipped in the kids pool with a book/magazine in hand...
    My backyard isn't cusioned cozy yet...(got shopping to do still) however with the kids I don't get much relax time either.

    Now that I am thinking about it, I don't have anywhere other then the bathroom where I can usually get peace &

    1. Leave it to you to comment also alphabetically


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