My Weekend Job!

Marty Rosick.  That was the name of my old boss. I worked for his company for the longest 6 months of my life.  You see my boss was a bit of a tyrant, and come thursday everyone would be buzzing, about what they were going to do that weekend.  Some would be going to movies, hanging out with friends, partying and the list goes on.  But one distinct commonality was they were all looking forward to the weekend to rest!  Every week everyone would exchange stories of their weekend plans and then my turn would come,  "Victoria what are you going to do this weekend?" I would begin to tell them a lengthy list of things I had planned over the next 48 hrs. They would look at me bewildered...  I came to the conclusion that on the weekends is when my second job (well really first) begins.  My christian duties & work starts come friday.

Now fast track a couple years, I no longer have to "work" outside of the home, but I still feel like weekends are not my time of "rest". Although there are weekends, I do slow down and get the much needed R & R. Those are acceptions, not the rule!

This weekend was really no different

Feeling sick still-had a tummy ache but life went on
Babysat a little boy close to Miyas age
Took the kids to breakfast with my hubby! (nice treat)
Cleaned my house-despite my" ho hum" song
Taught piano for an hour & half to my friday students
Went to buy tummy upset medication & a new skateboard for Tiana
Got ready for study
Had a bbq & ate a burger that made my tummy even worse
Went on a late night adventure-jumping fences with sisters to peek in model homes!
Drove people home from bible study
Picked up some sisters & drove downtown to go to Korean Grill ( didn't help the tummy)
Got home a 3:30 in the morning
Snuggled my precious Miya back to sleep, who woke up just as I got in bed

Woke up at 6:30 as usual-was surprisingly not BUST!
Kids up and dressed
Vaccumed-tummy is feeling better than usual today
Cleaned kitchen from previous night-got in too late to do it
Took Tiana skateboarding-this is amusing to watch
Went to morning prayer-the tummy changed its mind
Taught piano for a bit-always a joy!
Went to outreach most of day-tummy started acting up again-getting annoying now
Went grocery shopping
Went home, bbq'd chicken & made potatoe salad, cleaned-chicken was good :)
Bathed the girls, did miyas hair
put kids to bed
Putting a laundry load in
 And almost took on another fellowship opportunity but thankfully, graciously declined-as I am           pooped!

While most of the world dreads mondays, I can hardly wait!! 


  1. Lol wow! Reading through the list fast didn't help the "busyness" you were decribing lol. And thats cute that Tiana has a skateboard :P

  2. Wow...that sounds like it was busy but fun, minus the tummy ache!
    Jumping fences!...too funny good thing you didn't get caught! Haha that would have made for an interesting blog entry! Lol
    I find that weekends are the only family time we have so we might be super busy but we try to do it all as a family, some days Monday is the most productive day for me because I've had time to relax. Balance is one of the most difficult things to perfect in our lives because things are constantly changing, but its still important to find. :) hope your Monday is restful!

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