Memories to last a lifetime!

Sisters Sleeping

One thing I sincerely love about photographs is the ability to freeze a memory forever!   Whenever I  begin to look back at photos I am able to relive each experience, and see how much I have to be grateful for!  These are some photos taken from the past week.  Snapshots from my life and of my beautiful children

Mommies Girl!
Miya loves the slide at the park, she climbs up and goes down with a "1 2 Wheee" It absolutely melts my heart every time!  Her vocabulary is really expanding each day, blowing me away! She is even starting to spell...

This smiling face came after many tears
|||She finally can ride her skateboard with both feet
on the board!  She was afraid she was going to run
into me as I was taking the photo!
This Past Sunday PM Service
In so many ways the church are my children too.  We really are a family that I am forever fortunate to have!  I believe |I have the best congregation in the entire world, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart!  


  1. awh wow ur church is really growing!
    how many people do you guys have on average now?

  2. Miya is Gary Jr in the that picture!!! Lol so ca-ute!!

  3. @ Any-about 45 people
    @ Ess-I know she really is, but I still think she looks like me! LOL

  4. So the pic of the girls sleeping is one to put in a frame! I mean really so sweet!!!

    Then yes I have to agree I see so much of Gary & Miya. Wow, sometimes its just mindblowing how fast Titi is growing up!

    Your church looks so fruitful, however I know if I were to stop in I would stand out!! hahahahaha.....Aww I'm beyond happy for you & gary!

    1. Yes I have to frame the pic for sure!

      Lol I know titi isn't that same little baby leaving soggy cookies in your backseat!

      LOL you would fit in just fine-we've got white people no worries, they're all hidden in the back! Haha!

  5. teeeeter!!!
    Look at this skater girl!


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