Life In The Fish Bowl Part 1

Have you ever been going about your daily life only to find someone had been watching you the whole time?  Being a PW, i guess there is an added attraction to my life and someone is always watching! I can't say life in the fishbowl is that bad, but here are some odd moments.

 1. Song Service Eyes: During every song service, I catch so many people just watching me.  Its hilarious, because they probably don't mean to, or just happen to be looking my way.  What else is there to look at? Haha!  But when I meet eyes with them service after service, its just like "aaaah stop looking at me"  I always smile, a big cheerful grin to let everyone know how much I love them.  But inside I am wishing,  I could play piano from a secret room!

2. Secret Bathroom Trips: So I don't know about you, but If something is bothering me, it takes me maybe 10 minutes to shrug if off and proceed as if it never happened.  So when I have those moments when I am ticked off with something, or ready to just burst into tears, I go running to my favorite place....The BATHROOM! The problem is when its occupied.  I run in with great anticipation of letting out a huge sigh, grunt, yell or handful of tears, only to find the bathroom filled with girls, and my ten minute "just get it out rule",is quickly thrown out the window.  Or there is the I get in and no one is in there and then someone comes in right behind me wanting to chat....and I am thinking "aaaaaahhhh not now not now please!"  But I jut smile a cheerful grin and shrug it off...beginning to see a PW patter here? LOL
Disclaimer: I don't just pretend I am okay all the time, I do share my ups & downs with the girls in my church, I believe transparency is very winsome! But there are just days where you gotta suck it up and DEAL! So next time I am headed to the washroom give me 10! LOL

3.Home Invasion: Now this one is rare, but every once in a while creeps up on me and keeps me on my toes. Unexpected visitors, or extremely early visitors.  Unexpected visitors, always give me a "mini"heart attack and then a large laugh later.  There was one time where I stayed in my PJ's till way after noon. Also the house was in a bit of a funk, nothing major, but not at its "best" either.  I was sitting on my couch just hanging out and in comes Brother "So & So".  Now thankfully my PJ's weren't anything from a Victoria Secret Catalogue, but they were private non the less.  I had no idea how to respond, so I acted like it was normal and flashed my usual...thats right cheerful grin!  Ofcorse my Dearest Gary got to see the real reaction later.  After many unexpected visitors or early ones, I do my very best to be dressed and have the house in order cause you really never know!

I am sure there will be many parts to this blog over the years!


  1. You know what's funny? After reading this blog, the "Life in a Fish bowl" concept has been STUCK in my head! It's so weird! I HAD to come back and say that! But anyway, that's a very interesting thing to know that really, your life is not your own!


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