Its all about meeeeee!!

Here are some fun facts about Muah!  Please do copy and paste your answers in the comment section

Favorite Book: Revolution in World Missions
Favorite Movie: All time favorite would probably be a disney movie like The Little Mermaid.  
Favorite Store: Old Navy & The Gap
Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden (states)  Pickle Barell (canada)
Favourite Music Style: Uggh so hard, but I like worship-IBC love them!
Favorite Sport Team: Lakers-lol I wonder why? Kobe is my favorite basketball player to watch-smooth
Favorite Vacation Spot: Uhhh I am a PW, I don't get vacations-lol, for now Tucson Conference, one day I will say somewhere in Europe
Favorite Thing about being a PW(chrisitan)-when I share my testimony and people are in shock of what a humungo sinner i used to be!
Favorite BBW Scent:  Marshmellow Fireside-for home, Ps I love you for body (boohoo discontinued)
Favorite Time of Day: I'll go with bed time, hahaha!  No I like betweeen  2-5
Favourite Season:  Fall-for the clothes, summer for the warmth
Favorite Hobby-I am gunna go with blogging! :)
Favorite Family Activity: Just when we 'play together'
Favourite Snack:hummus & pita bread with feta cheese
Favorite Bible Verse:  Its Appointed man once to die, then comes the judgement. (for witnessing)
Ps 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart" for personal

Favoirite Flower:Ugggh don't know what those are called, but thats my favorite! LOL  If you know me I love that color aswell, so thats probably why!

Once again Don't forget to copy & past and answer for yourself in the comments


  1. Favorite Book: Yikes! So many fav’s-I’ll go with themes instead: Fiction or Self Improvement
    Favorite Movie: Ack! Again this is so difficult: I’d say Shawshank Redemption but there are too many to list
    Favorite Store: Walmart or Hobby Horse
    Favorite Restaurant: Canyon Creek
    Favourite Music Style: Country, top 40’s or Third Day…I only listen to music in my car..
    Favorite Sport Team: None, however if I were to like watching sports it would be Gymnastics
    Favorite Vacation Spot: Anywhere hot with a splash pad and book
    Favorite Thing about being a chrisitan-Always having someone to turn to..Jesus!
    Favorite BBW Scent: Dark Kiss
    Favorite Time of Day: hmmm depends on the day of the week. Mostly I like the morning and the late afternoon
    Favourite Season: Summer- I LOVE being outside with the kids, and having so many options of things to do
    Favorite Hobby-Sewing when I can find the time
    Favorite Family Activity: Going to the park or when the kids are in bed with us and we are all just waking up
    Favourite Snack: Tostitos with salsa, guacamole & Greek Yogurt with cheese

    Favorite Bible Verse: Ps 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart
    Proverbs 31:30: Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised.
    Favoirite Flower: Gerbera’s. They are the flower my husband always buys me. They are near & dear to me.

    1. Cool we have the same fav vs. I also used to list shawshank redemption as my.fav movie also.

  2. LOL!!! First off...V, who`s bathtub are you sitting in!!! LOL That is too funny!!!

    I have to say I learned a few things about you in this blog. I would have never have guessed those two BBW scents to be your fave or that your fave sports team is the Lakers (they won last night by the way-woo hoo!!!!) or that your fave stores were Old Navy and the Gap!! I would have guessed H&M for sure!! Wow...I would have failed if this was a test....LOL

    1. Lol. Well to make you feel better h&M was my favorite up until a year and a half ago! What scents would you think I would like? Thankfully it wasn't a test! Haha! If u have time post your answers. And the bath tub is from a model home!

  3. OK So all my answers got erased =( So if this seems a bit dry, you know why!

    Favorite Book: Illegitimate and Heaven is For Real

    Favorite Movie: Facing the Giants!!!!!!!!!!!

    Favorite Store: ARDENE!!!

    Favorite Restaurant: Don't have one

    Favourite Music Style: Worship, Jesus Culture - Hillsong style, Hip Hop, and CERTAIN Christan Reggae

    Favorite Sport Team: Lakers. Die Hard. lol

    Favorite Vacation Spot: Don't Have One

    Favorite Thing about being a Christian: Too many

    Favorite BBW Scent: Twilight Woods

    Favorite Time of Day: Depends on the day lol

    Favourite Season: Pre Summer! Early - mid June (even though it's not a season) AND because my birthday is June 9th

    Favorite Hobby: Uhhh, blogging? lol

    Favorite Family Activity: ??

    Favourite Snack: Cheese! lol and Cereal is always a snack because I'll have it at any time of the day lol (Addict)

    Favorite Bible Verse: I don't have ONE but I'll say Jer.29:12-13

    Favoirite Flower: Don't have one! I LOVE getting flowers but I'm not a flower person :P Gabriel knows WAY more about them than me!

  4. Favorite Book: The Torn Veil and the Unexpected Journey

    Favorite Movie: Courageous

    Favorite Store: Joe Fresh (although im yet to buy anything from there lol)

    Favorite Restaurant: pickle barrel i guess..

    Favourite Music Style: Worship

    Favorite Sport Team: PORTUGAL!!!! (soccer) BTW its Euro cup this year-you guys better go for Portugal lol

    Favorite Vacation Spot: top 3 are: Bermuda, Bahamas and i cant remember by third one lol so im going with India!!

    Favorite Thing about being a Christian: that i dont have to rely on my own abilities, trust in a higher power! (that made sense right? lol)

    Favorite BBW Scent: country chic!!

    Favorite Time of Day: during summer is the only time i have a fav time of day and its between 12-3ish, thats when the sun is the hottest and i like it lol

    Favourite Season: summerrr!!! for the weather and the bright clothes :)

    Favorite Hobby: does sleeping count? lol i dont really have a hobby....

    Favorite Family Activity: playing "pants" and watching family videos

    Favourite Snack: dont really feel like i have one....but chocolate milk at anytime of day is like a snack for me lol

    Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 26:3 You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!

    Favoirite Flower: dont have one lol the only flower i know by name AND sight is a rose ahaha but i do like flowers!


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