It comes with Age

Am I getting old or what?  I am currently 26 years old.  Some of my more mature readers may scoff and think "girl If I could only be 26 again".  While some of my younger readers eyes are ready to bulge out of there head at the thought of reaching the "mid 20s". Thats old enough to rent a car!!!!

Just the other day it dawned on me that I am growing up, and have grown up significantly.  There are these defining moments at various points in your life that shape you into the person you are.

I vividly remember when my "growing up" experience began.  I was 7 years old, I had hated onion my entire life. All seven years!  My mother like always sat my plate in front of me.  I glared down at the little worms (sautéed onions) that were so decoratively spread over my steak.  "Why does she always do this?" I thought to myself. But then I had an epiphany  I could just eat them?   So I did it, I cut all those tiny worms into smithereens!  And guess what?   I actually liked them.  I looked forward to the next time my mother would place those little worms on my plate.  

Another moment of growth was when I was ten.  I switched from ordering super chocolaty rich desserts, to light and fruity desserts.  My taste buds had seemingly changed overnight?  There have been changes in my music, dress, places I liked to go, things I liked to watch and the list goes on.  When I got saved, I had a drastic change, going from sinner to saint in a matter of hours.  I went radical, and threw out the movies, music, clothes ,even the boyfriend.  Eventually my character caught up with my conversion and I had to deal with each of those things individually.  I needed to understand why I was doing what I was doing, and when I did I couldn't have been more happy!

And that was it, I was saved so I was all grown up .... right?  Nope!  Boy have I changed in just 7 short years. My age is becoming more and more apparent to me with each passing day, as I blog about the flowers in my garden(barf).  As I use 'adjectives" to describe colours (barf again)  As I wake up early and effortlessly(barf even more), as my eating habits change, the friends I keep, the type of mother and wife I am, all these lovely things make up the fabric of who I am today.

The other day I had the pleasure of observing a young girl who was me, but maybe 5 1/2 years ago. Everything about her screamed "inexperienced and naive"  As I sat and watched her intently,  I thought to myself that was once you.  You havent always known how to cook, clean, or be the women you are today.  I haven't always known how to decorate, entertain or minister to some ones needs. I haven't always had the confidence, or discernment.  This has all come with age.  And today I am proud to say I am 26 years old with one silver (grey) hair to show for it!  Each year has added character, discernment, beauty and  wisdom that I wouldn't trade for anything in this world!

What are your defining moments of growing up? What can you say you have learned with age? I have gained so much from life and experience, and to think one day I will look back at 26 and think "ohh I was such a baby I had no idea what I was talking about".  

I will resume to the Rodney Home Tour Tomorrow!  Toodles!


  1. I liked all your barf
    gosh your only 26??? lol just kidding...I'm not THAT much older then you. However 25 was my favourite age....but I would say that 30 hasn't been so bad either...

    So moments of growth....
    Marriage-Children they make you grow So thats probably the most monumental growth spurt for me....I would say/agree that when I got saved I went through that refining process where I needed to understand why I was doing/believing what I do/believe. I grew up and matured into a woman in those first years of truly reflecting on myself. As well moving out on my own helped me be responsible, budget, and really get to know who I am. :)


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