Headache from hell!

Today was an average day until a massive headache literally smacked me upside the head!  Its even hurting my head to write this entry!  Not sure why I am bothering!? Lol. Not like you wanna read about my headache!
Or maybe you do.....it started off like a mild string in my forehead during song service. Its accelerated as the service progressed. I figured I needed some sugar or something. So I picked up my new favorite sweet snack. Ready to hear it?  OK so its Carmel & chocolate covered popcorn!  Bought it at shoppers 3.49 for a bag!  Best 3.49 spent!  Most of the bag is Carmel corn. But tossed with it there is chocolate covered popcorn!  I love it!  I seriously suggest you try it, unless your still on a sugarless journey and for that I apologize for tempting you!
Anyone tried chocolate covered pretzels?  Wow this blog is such an inside into my life! Yes Pw' s get headaches. And look awful like my pic! Yes Pw's have late night sugar cravings and like to blog about food!  Haha!  Mmmmh imagine that? A blog on food?  Maybe that will be my next brilliant blog adventure!  For now peace out and pray for me! Thanks to those who made it to the end of this entry!  Your a true follower! Lol. Hope it didn't give you a headache!


  1. lol, i woke up this am and was like did i really d a blog post on a headache?

  2. So you never wrote in to answe if the sugar helped with the head ache. I can't eat red velvet. While pregs with viv I had 1 mini red velvet cupcake and thought I was going to die. Head aches are not fun, they can be caused be dehydration or sensory overload, sleep deprivation. There is also an interesting cure for head aches but I won't post it here! Lol I'm sure pw's don't do such things....lol

    In response to the sweets....yes chocolate covered pretzels are the perfect combination of salty & sweet. Metro sells the chocolate covered popcorn as well and when I bring it to any fellowship it becomes the talk about snack food...mmmm so good!

  3. Unfortunately it didn't get rid of the headache...but good old sleep did get rid of it! Usually a coke would do the trick for me, but I don't usually keep coke in my house! haha! I am addict otherwise! LOL


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