Going to the chapel and we're...gonna get married

Thursday May 10th 2007

Well would you believe it! In 10 days I will be a married women! How exciting! I am sooo blessed...and so far I am not too nervous, more excited than anything!  its really winding down now!  Today our brand new sofas and dining tables came in!  They look gorgeous in our little (well actually huge) basement apartment! It was such a blast being there as the items arrived.  I also made use of time and began to organize our kitchen and put away all the gifts I received from my bridal shower!  Also while he was at work, I did some laundry and made dinner!  I guess you could say this is my first meal cooking in my new home!  I made stew chicken & rice and peas.  When he came home Marcia and I were just hanging out, it was such an odd feeling!  I thought wow this is really what life will be like in a couple weeks! I am really trying to enjoy all these last moments of singleness and engagement!  When we get back from Cuba it will be back to the business of life.  I really look forward to going back to serving God without all this "wedding planning" on my mind!  Well that's all for today!  10 more days to go! Yepee!!

Love Victoria

If you haven't already figured out, this was an entry from my "Wedding Journal"  I thought it interesting it dates 5 years ago tomorrow!  So I thought I would share it with you guys! I didn't include the whole entry, but I found it funny to look back at.  I am such a different person now, although its hard to observe that from the entry alone, reading it, brought me back to who I was at that time. So young, naive, immature and had no idea what life had in store for me!  How glad I am I married the man I did!  I live such a wonderful life, and although I have had my ups &downs, I wouldn't trade my husband or family for anything. 5 years ago, i thought I was madly in love with my fiance....5 years later i realize I had no idea what love was.  And today I can say I am very much inlvoe with him, and we love each other more with each passing year!


  1. That was really sweet n touching!!! :)

  2. Awe, congrats!!! S.L.

    1. I remember that time. I remember how different we were. Gosh! Can you believe 5 years already!!? I agree with you that who you are today is not the same person who walked down that aisle. I love that about journals, you can look back and see who you were then.

      My journal from that time helped put my marriage back together because it remminded me of why I was marrying this man. I think we all need those reminders to see just how much we both have changed (our spouses & ourselves)
      I'm excited for your anniversary. Its a milestone and it deserves a nice celebration!
      Congratulations on a beautiful family & a fruitful ministry!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Victoria!!!!! Make sure to set aside some time to celebrate with your hubby :)

  4. Wow! I'm so grateful you guys got married. its amazing to see you guys still in love now :)

  5. Happy Anniversay and sorry I couldn't deliver the special spoken word! LOL But for now - hold on to this:

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Happy Anniversary, I'll soon join the crew!


  6. Good one Essence... When I first starting reading this, I thought I was on the wrong blog lol

    *sigh... the good old days huh? Lol jk


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