Ghost Writer Contest

I thought it would be fun to continue to have "monthly contests" to keep my readers involved, and keep my blog fun, fresh & unique!

So this Months Blog Contest be called "Ghostwriter"
What:To enter the contest you have to write an article for my blog.  I will post different blogs throughout the month and at the end of the month all my readers will vote on which one they liked!

Are you shy about your writing?  Don't worry, I got that covered, the author will remain anonymous.  So all that will be posted is the entry & title.
When:The winner will be announced on June 30th-the vote will take place June 29th!

How:If you want to enter in the contest, comment " I'm in" in the comment box!
I will contact you personally with your deadline for your entry!

Rules: Any topic is allowed, although we have to keep it age appropriate!
Each writer can write up to 2 articles to be posted on my site!

I encourage you even if your not a strong writer to give it a try!

The winner wins a special "Themed Mystery Prize"

Looking forward to reading your ariticles!


  1. I wanna be in! BUT I don't want to commit to it and then not have the time to actually do it =( The next time around i guess


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