Drum Roll Please.............

Please excuse how I look in the video-I had just been playing soccer with my church!  Yes PW's can play sports too! Haha! Although I don't have much skill with the ball ,I was a good defender!
I had hoped to make a longer video! But I knew the upload would be forever! Anyhow congratulations to my winner!  But its not over yet, you will have to call me the moment you read this post and answer a skill testing question!  You will be given 10 seconds to answer the question.  Should you fail there will be a redraw!!

To all those who didn't win, there will be a new Ghostwriter Contest!  Details will be posted Tuesday!

I just want to take the time to thank all of you for commenting faithfully!  It was awesome, I really thought Ess or Giselle would win! Now that the draw is over I can say!  Thanks guys for your comments, they truly make blogging worth it, so although this next contest doesn't have to with commenting, I am going to need everyones support and participation!

Congratulation again Sofia!  You have until 2pm tomorrow to call me for you skill testing question! :)


  1. Yes Congrats. Got your gift card to forever 21 today! Have fun shopping


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