The Day After Mothers Day

A Warm Good Morning and Happy Mothers Day to all the precious mothers out there that read my blog!  You are truly a diamond and precious gift to your family!

I hope that your day was joyous and memorable! My day certainly was. My hubby let me sleep in on a sunday while he watched the children.  That was great!
  At church my congregation showered me with "Happy Mothers Day" greetings.  We honored all the mothers in our church with gifts and P. Gary gave a brief speech on what a blessing mothers are to this world.
Tiana painted me a I love Mum sign that i have hung by my piano.
I was also blessed my Abigail(a sweet sister in my church) Who took me out for a mothers day lunch!  She told me how I was like a mother to her-and that really touched my heart! (Thanks Abi, the lunch meant alot)  Another inside to being a PW is holidays on sundays are interrupted with sermon writings, counseling and soccer....haha

However this morning my dearest surprised me with beautiful flowers and breakfast!  I really didn't expect anything though as he just took me out the other day and our anniversary is coming up!But the gesture was greatly appreciated and kind and thoughtful!


  1. That sounds sweet! Happy "belated" mothers day!

    1. Thankers! it was very nice! how my poem coming? lol

  2. The flowers are really nice! Pastor Gary is going off, wow back to back. I wonder what's going to happen for your anniversary:)

    1. LOL,I guess we shall see! Oh my gosh my anniversary is this weekend?!! Aaaaahhh

  3. I'm so happy to hear how he blessed you! you DESERVE it!
    Enjoy every single moment!!!

    Happy Mothers Day girl!


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