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f r i e n d s.
What marks a friendship?

Words can't express the impact my friends have had in my life. I truly believe I have the B. E. S. T.  friends in the world and have been gratetful for the memories and special times we have shared.

That being said, not everyone always has such great luck in the friend department.
Here are some of the things I think mark a great friendship!

p r a y.
All of my friends were answered prayers. You don't want to just be friends with 'anybody'. Friends are meant to lift you up and be people you can count on and trust.  Pray for God to lead you to those type of friendships aswell as help you to be that type of friend.

b e  t h e r e.
Have you ever met someone that just comes around when they need you for something, but the gesture is never reciprocated.  If you are going to have good friendships you have to be there for them.  Remember details about their life, call, check in ect.

p r i v a c y .
If you want to have good relationships with people, you need to learn to keep your mouth zipped. As a  married person, it also means you don't go off sharing your friends details with your spouse.  If you aren't trust worthy, you won't hold on to friends for very long. If your friend is someone that spills the beans on everyone else, most likely they will do the same to you.

s e c u r e.
Insecure people have a hard time in relationships. Comparison, competition, neediness and rejection make relationships very difficult to thrive.

s h a r e.
One of the best things about a good friend, is the ability to share life.  Tell them your hopes, dreams, embarrassing moments and deepest struggles.  It should be mutual and flow naturally.  They say a true friend 'you don't have to get the house ready for', 'they can see you without makeup', you don't feel obligated to 'put on a show for'. Surround yourself with people that can see you at your worst and make you feel your best!

What marks a friendship for you?


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