Wifey Training ❤️❤️

Maybe I am not the world's best wife, but I would say I am a close second!!!
I joke!
There are many new wives in my church  and sparked the thought how the older woman are called to teach the younger. (Ohmgsh I am 'older' hahaha)
So how does one slay their wife game?
I haven't always been as good of a wife as I am now. It's a role you grow into over the years! And one I am still growing in to!
But if you can get ahold of these 3 things early on, you will be a wifey on fleek!

Here we go!

1) Cook the thang: You know the saying 'the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, well it's true...that and something else, but let's just focus on the food.  Ladies you need to cook. Cook dinner, wake up and cook breakfast. If you are a champ, make lunch too! Don't be lazy. If you have a busy schedule like myself or work, make big batches in advance. I always have my husbands breakfast & dinner plated and ready for him.  Of course there are days that I miss, but 
generally he knows he will be well fed!

2)Serve girl, Serve: Have a servants heart when it comes to your boo. Once of the reasons I stay so slim is because this man has me going up and down the stairs fetching things for him all day everyday!  I can't say I always like to, but it's important to serve our spouses. Not for their sake but for our own. When I serve my hubby I actually love him more!

3) Zip it Honey: While there is a spiritual element to marriage, most of it is practical. There are many 'non Christian' people that have better marriages than Christians. It is helpful in marriage to learn to just keep your mouth shut. Not just when you're upset.  But in general. You don't have to always yap his ear off the moment you see him. Let him miss you, give him a chance to spark conversation with you.
I love to write these type of posts for myself. Because while I do practice these things, I have my days where I need a good reminder!
Wives out there what are your tips to slay your wife game??


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