Get Organized for 2018

If you have followed my blog for any period of time you will know of few things about me...I love marshmellow fireside candles.... I am an avid goal setter and goal keeper....and I love to organize... especially with the use of bins!

A few years ago I wrote a post about getting organized and with a new year coming, I thought another post was appropriate!  Click here for my Organization Made Pretty 2016 post!

Let's get to it!

Many people set goals to be more organized in the new year. With these few tips, I hope to help you succeed with that goal!

1-Plan on Paper: When I first jumped on the organization band wagon I bought an Erin Condrin Planner, the 'creme de la creme' of  the planner world. After 18 months of use, I learned you don't need all the bells and whistles to be organized. Doesn't matter how many pretty' stickers you have, if you aren't in the habit of writing things down that planner will be a waste of money(though the stickers certainly made it more fun lol)  This year I opted for a $10 planner from winners. I break my days up into sections:Events, ToDo's & To Clean.  Every week I have a daily goal and person to reach out to. Every evening I sit down and map out my day/week/month. A plan on paper is the first step of execution!

2- Pretty On the Insides: This was in my old post but bares repeating.  If you want your drawers, closets and cupboards to stay organized you better make them pretty.  My favorite way of sprucing up my cupboards is with containers. My thought is to 'contain' the mess.  For 2018 I switched out my turquoise bins in my pantry for all white and decided to create a 'theme' through all my 'organized' spaces.  Dollar Tree is an amazing store for affordable bins of varrying sizes.  Something about opening a beautifully organized linen closet that looks esthetically pleasing...not just functional seems to keep me from letting things get really out of hand.

3-Just Toss it- Leave the trash in 2017. Although we only have a few days left, I encourage you to go through your home with a big garbage bag and start tossing junk. We accumulate much more than we care to admit, but the reality is the more 'junk' you have....the more 'mess', the more 'mess'...the less organized....the more stressed!😌

Well there you have it. My top 3 tips for getting more organized in 2018. What are some of your tips for getting organized?


  1. I have to do #3...if I have pieces if clothing that I didn't wear this year maybe I should just toss it or give it away.


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