Who Am I?

I have yet to formerly introduce myself!
I must admit I feel a little shy writing a post about me?
Here it goes

My name is Victoria and I am a...
Piano playing
Toddler chasing
Hubby loving
Jesus following
Music writing
hospitality planning
pointed heel collecting
New business hustling
frumpy mom avoiding
Clutter hating
hard working
goal setting
goal accomplishing
perfection addicted
water-color obsessed
exzema overcoming
good value teaching
sweet toothed
high waisted skirt wearing
baked good preparing
lover of writing!

It was a pleasure to meet you
I hope you enjoy my blog! It's a place where I share my thoughts, dreams, frustrations and advice on this "so called thing we call life!"
So grab a cup of tea and enjoy some time with me! :)


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